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Patient's Marijuana

Patient's Marijuana

 Helping MMMP Patients Find Professional MMMP Caregivers

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Patient's Marijuana

Must have valid Michigan Medical Marijuana Registry Card and valid state identification card and drivers license, MMMP Info and Laws.

FREE Michigan Medical Marijuana Patient Caregiver Search

As most of you know, Michigan's Attorney General Bill Schuette and his allies in the state legislature has essentially wrecked the state's medical marijuana program, forcing closure of most dispensaries and causing confusion and dread for sick and dying people.  Expecting patients to grow their own or get a caregiver who is limited to only 5 patients who now are expected to be the sole source of revenue to fund the grow and cover the expenses with Schuette's No Tolerance for P2P transfers.  Meaning that old 12 plants per each patient and sell the overages in order to fund the grows as to keep patient contributions affordable and free to the most unfortunate patients is gone, at least for now.

Nevertheless, I’m fed up with this guy acting on his own agenda and not on behalf of the Michigan voters.  Most Medical Marijuana patients cannot grow as Schuette's suggests otherwise.  Thousands live where there is no adequate space, knowledge, experience and money to do it.  Not to mention the fact that many patients are just unable to do it due to their physical or mental condition.  Also one has to have a green thumb.  Ok, I'm get the picture.

So there are thousands of MMMP Patients who have nowhere to go for meds what can I do? I am just an old caregiver and patient. My brother is severely stricken with MS and uses medical marijuana, he needed help and that is what got me started as a becoming caregiver.  Like most he wasted lot's of money that he really didn't have, but lucky for him he now has a nice little grow, but only with a lot of help. I have knowledge of being a good caregiver and understand what is important to medical marijuana patients.  

I am also a former IT professional and have experience with Internet and marketing.  I also had a year when I was a Technical and Administrative Employment Search type agent.  So, I'm thinking with my experience I could actually help a lot of people. I am slowly helping patient by patient find good caregivers in their areas.  I am doing this free, but welcome your donations to help fund this cause.  No, it's not a fancy automated dating service type website thing, can't afford that though it would be nice...  Any investors looking for a good cause?   Nevertheless, I am helping the best I can with the time and resources that I have, with hopes to many MMMP Patients find Good Caregivers.

There is no charge or donation required from the patient or caregiver for assistance in finding a caregiver. There is no guarantee that a suitable caregiver match will be found.  Donations to help support this service is welcome, appreciated but not required.. This service is being provided for the sole purpose of helping patients and caregivers and is not for profit, I am donating my time for this cause.

The caregivers who are referred to patients are independent caregivers and are not affiliated with Patient's Marijuana in any way other than participating in this Free Patient And Caregiver Matching Service.  This is a free service, however, donations to help support this service is welcome.  Costs for medical certifications, MMMP form filings, MMMP registrations and other expenses are not included.  

What I do is gather some pertinent information about the patient's specific needs and location.  I then seek out local caregivers who can address the patients needs similar to a job search agent.

I aim to find Caregivers who are:

  • Experienced MMMP Caregiver (no closet growers)
  • Produce Grade A Meds (must be high quality and free of animal hair/dander, mold and pests)
  • Never use harmful chemicals
  • Compassionate and service oriented
  • Respectful of patients privacy
  • Reliable
  • Friendly and Professional
  • Discrete
  • Legal MMMP Caregiver, who agrees to operate within the law

Upon determining that a caregiver may be a good match for a patient, the patient is notified and provides with a summary of the caregiver.  If the patient is interested in talking with the caregiver the patient will be provided with the contact information of the caregiver.  At that point the patient can then talk with the caregiver on the phone, if patient gets a warm fuzzy from the caregiver they are free to set up a meeting with the caregiver. If the patient determines that the caregiver is a good match, the caregiver will assist patient in filing the necessary MMMP forms.  A patient can change caregivers several times a year thus if patient becomes dissatisfied with caregivers.  See above menu for other important information and MI Forms and Legal Info

I reserve the right to refuse this service to any patient or caregiver for any reason such as unreasonable expectations or inability to match patient to caregiver.  There is no guarantees that I will find a good caregiver for a patient, but I will try my best.

It is the Patient's responsibility to accept or decline the caregiver's service based on their good judgment. Patient should always follow safe procedures as you would when meeting anyone new for the first time.

Minimal Precautions Recommended:

.  Have a friend or relative with you
.  Do not leave the caregiver alone in your home

.  If meeting in public place be sure it is safe like a mall or restaurant, be discrete at all times do not draw attention to yourselves
.  Check the caregiver's card and identification every time you meet
.  Be prepared to show your card and ID to the caregiver every meeting

If you'd like me to assist you in finding a caregiver, just send me an email and call if you have any questions. Any information you provide me will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be provided to any persons without your express consent and will only be used to assist in finding you a caregiver.

Thank you.

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